How Can I Improve My Kidney Function?

Kidneys are been shaped organs placed in your either side of the spine below ribs. The main function of the kidney is to filter blood. This is the most important and foremost question that whether you can improve your GFR or kidney function or not. These are few tips which can help you to keep your kidney functioning healthy. Control Your Blood Sugar Normal levels of blood sugar are equivalent to healthy kidneys. High blood sugar can damage your kidneys as body has a self defense mechanism, whenever blood sugar levels rise then body eliminates the same through Urine, which ultimately damages kidneys. Take Ample Amounts of Fluids Drinking ample amount of liquids can help you to keep kidneys healthy. Around 2-3 liters of water should be taken daily. Take natural fruit juices like coconut water/lemonades instead of aerated beverages which contains a lot of sugar. Monitor Blood Pressure Blood pressure is 2 nd  most reason for kidney failure. Normal Blood pressure is 120/80

Ayurvedic Treatment of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure  is a complex disorder associated with lower kidney s function to filter waste blood & to make urine. A Number of Kidney patients visit our clinic with a bundle of complications and side effects of Allopathic medicines. We provide the best ayurvedic treatment of kidney failure with no side effects. Here is a case study of patients of kidney failure having MPGN since childhood. Case study A 14 year the old female patient visited our clinic with the following complaints: ·        Fatigue and   Weakness, from   one year ·        Loss of appetite, around 3 months ·        Nausea with occasional vomiting, around 1 month ·        Edema, around 3 months ·        Dyspnea, around 1 month ·        Reduced urine frequency around 3months ·        Dryness of skin, around 1 month ·        Protein in urea since she was 3-4 years old and stopped for some time with Allopathic medication but started again. ·        No h

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure

According to Ayurveda, kidney failure is caused by the blockage of minute body channels called sarotas. The body channels involved in kidney failure are known as mutravaha srotas (channels to control excretory system) which carry urine and are responsible for the flow of liquid(blood) into and out of the kidneys. Due to blockages in the incoming srotas, the kidneys denied fluids and shrinkage occurs. The blockage of outgoing channels causes swelling. We do Ayurvedic treatment of kidney failure which clean these channels and reduce swelling and rejuvenates the kidneys. Our treatment aims to strengthen and improve function of   kidneys, helps to restore its filtration capacity. This line of treatment can eliminate the need for dialysis. Our treatment of Kidneyfailure  is based on three principles: ·          Treating the damaged kidney epithelium. ·          Treating the body tissues (dhatus) which make up the kidneys i.e. rakta dhatu. Kidneys are made up of Rakta dhatu

Kidney Transplant

When a person is diagnosed with kidney disease, 2 things that worry him are dialysis and transplant. Urea and creatinine levels increase in blood. When creatinine increases beyond a certain level doctors advise to go for Dialysis. Also, Transplant is recommended. We would like to share some information about the Transplant. Please watch the video to know more. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure offers some medication that helps to control urea and creatinine levels in the blood, so slowly frequency of dialysis reduces and ultimately stopped. You can Stop Dialysis and even Avoid Transplant  with Ayurvedic medicine. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure - Success stories

Ayurvedic medicine is doing wonders in treating kidney failure. Dialysis has been stopped and patient is free from the fear of transplant. Urea and creatinine controlled, urine output also increased. Presence of protein in urine also stopped.  Watch our patient speaking about his experience. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure is helping a lot of patients to get rid of their complications. Looking forward to help more.


Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of the kidney tissue , calyces , and pelvis . It is a specific type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that generally begins in urethra or bladder and travels up into kidneys. It is a bacterial infection of one or both kidneys. Causes 1)       Most cases are due to bowel organisms that enter the urinary tract ·          Escherichia coli causes about 90% of cases of pyelonephritis ·          Enterococcus faecalis . ·            Hospital-acquired infections maybe due to coliform bacteria and enterococci 2)       Mechanical causes- any structural abnormalities in the urinary tract, vesicoureteral reflux (urine from the bladder flowing back into the ureter ) 3)       Kidney Stones 4)       Urinary Tract Catheterization 5)       Ureteral stents or drainage procedures (e.g., nephrostomy ), pregnancy , neurogenic bladder (e.g., due to spinal cord damage, spina bifida or multiple sclerosis ) and pr